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2017 PC Buying Guide

2019 PC Buying Guide

While the laptop and tablet market grow the PC market is shrinking but they still have many advantage so we are offering our 2019 PC Buying Guide.  PCs can have multiple large hard drives holding…
Samsung 9154 laptop

2019 Laptop Buying Guide

More and more people are taking their laptops from work to home or from their home with them on vacation.   A very fast and very light laptop is what most people want these days.…
fiber optic cables

Cable vs Fiber ISPs – which is better

You just moved and are trying to decide what to choose – Cable vs Fiber ISPs – which is better.   Opinions may vary but fiber in my experience is more reliable than cable modem although…

Solid State Drives – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly about SSDs

Sold State Drives are still not yet the default hard drive in most less expensive PCs and laptops.   While their prices is dropping many manufacturers charge a significant premium for an SSD drive.   The right…